#TessTip: Self-Interested

Self-interested — I’m obsessed with this concept. In my constant search for equilibrium, I could blog all day about it. Self-interest, or self-care, is not extra – and it by no means “indulgent”.When you’re self-interested, you love yourself so you can be your best and in turn help others. Cheesy, but true! “Gotta fuel the greatness” I’d say to myself as I sit in silence with my heating pad. 

Part of being self-interested to me is deliberately doing things out of my comfort zone – whether that be something simple like eating new foods, or picking up a new hobby. One of the “hobbies” I’m picking up is Yelp. Mainly because my sister works there, but also because I want to become elite. Oops. In my journey to elite status, I’ve found a plethora of new coffee shops to try out. Anyways, as I sat and reflected (!!!) at one on my top five ways to be self-interested yesterday, I realized how simple some of these are. I don’t want to sit here and write the obvious, but some of these are so basic that they’re easy to just slip over.

1. Say No

Say it louder for the people in the back!!! You have enough necessary stress in your life already. If it disrupts your balance and doesn’t actually have to, say no. I say this one all the time, but it couldn’t be said enough.

2. Be “extra”

Your sanity depends on it. You KNOW I’m about to put on my face mask after a long week. As I like to say, I’m an old woman and I need to be treated as such. If fueling the greatness is by face-masks, heating pads and lots of brunch…I’m there.

3. Always find new ways to appreciate things — and reflect on them.

Reflection = change. When the concept of appreciation and reflection was introduced to me this semester as a way to debrief, I completely disregarded it saying how much I despise feelings. Which, is true, but reflection is so, so necessary for personal; growth and enjoyment. It doesn’t even have to be elaborate — just stopping and asking yourself — what is happening? How does this affect me? How am I different because of this? How can I take this forward? Simple questions like that…and it doesn’t even have to be a big life event! Heck, I will probably be reflecting on blogging right after I publish this, but by acknowledging my past, recognizing my present, and peering over the horizon into the future is how I fully align my everyday with my goals and move forward. And, I know that I’m moving forward because I reflect on it! 

I honestly think this one starts with appreciating the little things and being able to truly think about them and how they affect your everyday. For example – the other day I reflected on the impact of warm weather on my mood. Something simple, but truly helped me realized different ways to combat my stresses.


*Hippie speech over, next one*

4. Put up reminders of your goals

Visual goal reminders – gotta love ‘em! What better way to motivate yourself? Recently I’ve jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon and I must say, I love them! I’ll link some pins to my favorite bullet journal “starter packs” here and here. It’s a great way to not only reflect, but be in constant reminder of where you’re going. I organize mine by 6-months, then monthly, then my monthly goal objectives are my weekly concentrations, then align my daily goals directly to my weekly. I tried my best to have that make sense, but definitely check out the links for more information! Who knows — maybe one day I’ll post a bullet journaling blog…is that too basic? Probably.

5. Spend time with the people who you want

Surround yourself with good people, and often. When life gets busy, it’s so easy to turn 9-5 responsibilities into 5-9 responsibilities as well. Spend time with your friends, but more so spend time with the people you want to be more like. If they don’t lift you up, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy Monday friends! Enjoy the little things,  be a self-interested, yet goal-oriented reflective individual! You choose your own happiness!! 


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